I received my first camera when I was 9 years old for my trip to California and as the story goes, I was hooked. 

I raised a wonderful son and because of him added to my love of action movies from Star Wars to Marvel movies and everything in between.  Of course, can’t say I don’t cry at a romantic comedy or a good drama.

I love snow skiing and rather be out in the cold then in the hot humid weather. I enjoy the thrill of traveling to new places and visiting some of my favorite plans like Lake Tahoe or Napa Valley.

I thoroughly enjoy to cook and cook big on the holidays for my family to enjoy!  Hey, I am Italian what can I say – it’s probably genetic.

I am a dog person, but cats could be interesting if they let you get close to them.

My passion is photography. I love creating photos of intimate and special moments. One of my favorite moments is capturing the couple at sunset with the breathtaking sun filtering through the sky as the perfect backdrop. It's not uncommon to catch a glimpse of me fighting back a tear during the mother/son dance at the wedding ceremony, and I'll deny it forever.

I work tirelessly to ensure you receive the highest quality work capturing meaningful memories to keep and share for generations to come.  I would be honored to play such an important part in someone's day.

Jane M. Tablack - JMT Photography, Youngstown, Ohio
Serving Ohio and Pennsylvania
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