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Savannah & Derek

Absolutely wonderful! She did exactly what we were wanting. Quality of pictures are beautiful. Highly recommend! Thank you for capturing our day



8L2A4020 aaa8L2A4020 aaa

Janean & Damon

Jane is a great photographer.  I had looked for months to find the right photographer, I found her at a bridal show and knew as soon as I seen her display that she was who I was looking for.  Her pictures speak for themselves, as they are amazing.  We had a great time with her and will be contacting her for future pictures.  If you are looking for someone who has a great personality and loves capturing moments then she is the person for the job.  We are so beyond happy with the beautiful photos as Jane did an outstanding job.

8L2A2117 aaa8L2A2117 aaa

Jennifer & Tom

Fantastic photographer.  So glad we went with Jane.  She was so attentive and made sure we had all the photos taken that we wanted.  Jane came out to our rehearsal for some photos and then all day at the wedding venue.  They took photos of our guests that we would never have gotten on our own.  The photos turned out amazing. We were so happy with all the pictures that she captured for us to remember our special day! A BIG thanks to Jane!



8L2A4867 aaa8L2A4867 aaa

Judy & Tom

Jane took family pictures for our 45th Anniversary celebration at a local winery in early August. The venue was beautiful and Jane took advantage of the grounds to find many, many lovely areas where we would stop and take pictures. The results reflect the beauty of the landscape and Jane's talent of capturing our best profiles. She worked with us as we suggested and she positioned us to get the best pictures for each location. The family thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, Jane kept us (5 children and 6 adults) engaged and active in the picture-taking process. We have enjoyed looking through the pictures together and deciding which ones we will want to display in our homes. Thanks again for your time and expertise as well as being part of our anniversary memories. We had a great time.



Becky & Gregg

Jane did a gorgeous job on our wedding photos! We found her through our search on Thumbtack! Her responsive time was excellent! Our photos came back faster than we expected. Every single picture was perfect! She was very professional and we would highly recommend her!  You are phenomenal!


8L2A9911 aaa8L2A9911 aaa

Erika & Scott

Jane was truly amazing. I feel like she went above and beyond for my special day!   Wow!!  SO GOOD!! There are so many amazing pictures.  Can NOT thank you enough


8L2A3091 aaa V28L2A3091 aaa V2

Ashley & Adam

Great job!!


8L2A8469 aaa8L2A8469 aaa

Maria & Shane

Thanks for everything! You were awesome!  The pictures look great.


8L2A7501 aaa8L2A7501 aaa

Noor & James


8L2A3485 AAA8L2A3485 AAA

Carissa & Michele

Thank you we love them!

8L2A6029 aaa8L2A6029 aaa

Christina & Kris

I love them all – a ton of great ones!

8L2A0935 aaa8L2A0935 aaa

Heather & Greg

They look so beautiful!  It was such a perfect day.  I thank you so much for capturing it and being part of our day.


Capri & Matt

Thank you for the great photos.


Brian & Mimi

I can honestly say Jane was the best person I had working for me that night. We are two Italian families. And she got them all together and took pictures and was always there when I needed her there. And she’s so creative she came up with other shots that I wouldn’t even know.  We walked across the street to an old library which was priceless to me. And I threw on her that we are getting remarried at are birthday party. She just kept working it hard all night. The pictures are truly awesome. From the bottom of my heart Jane, thank you so much for making that night so awesome. You were perfect for us. Going to do it again in five years can’t wait to see you again. From the bottom of my family’s heart thank you for everything. I’m a huge contractor by trade. So my job is organizing huge jobs and having people fall in to place. I was in Arizona setting all this up. She was so awesome to work with. Don’t make the mistake. Hire somebody you know will go across the threshold and make a good job awesome. 

8L2A8817 aaa 18L2A8817 aaa 1

Kristen & Ryan

They’re beautiful.  OMG the sunset pictures are breathtaking!

8L2A0074 aaa8L2A0074 aaa

Kaitlyn & Colby

They look amazing!

8L2A5823 aaa8L2A5823 aaa

Kristyn & Adam

Thank you, so happy with the creativity and hard work you put into our day! Thank you!!

8L2A1512 aaa8L2A1512 aaa

Jessica & Thomas John

The album proof that you made up is amazing.

8L2A8769 aaa8L2A8769 aaa

Jessica & Daniel

I love so many of them!  And it really captures the whole weekend!  They look amazing!

8L2A1996 1118L2A1996 111

Rachel & Andrew

Thank you very much for dealing with us and the heat and rain which all made for a very long day.  We couldn’t ask for any better service.  You were awesome.

8L2A4783 18L2A4783 1

Rachael & Josh

Working with Jane was awesome! She’s very on top of things! Which helps a lot during all the craziness a wedding day brings.  Love them!

IF6A0436 aaaIF6A0436 aaa

Melissa & Tom

I loved Jane, she was very personable, and captured all my special events!!! I will definitely recommend her to anyone!!!

IF6A5967 1IF6A5967 1

Brenda & Buddy

Jane did a great job and the photos are amazing. Neither of us thought to bring a squeaky toy though, so was difficult to get my dog's ears up - but she was patient and managed to get it done :-)



Very professional! Had pictures loaded for viewing less than 24 hours after the party!


8L2A9140 aaa8L2A9140 aaa

Sara & Michael

The photos look amazing. Thank you so much!


8L2A4143 aaa 18L2A4143 aaa 1


The perfect sleeping angel!

8L2A8143 aaa8L2A8143 aaa

Siya & James

Love them all! Thank you. You are amazing!