Collection of my most current weddings and engagement sessions. I truly enjoy working with couples to capture their special moments. First, I schedule an initial consultation so that we get to know each other and make sure we are the right fit! I want my couples to fill comfortable with me. I am pretty easy going and want to ensure the bride and groom that everything is going to be okay and we will work together. Once booked, engagement photos are next - someplace special to the bride and groom is a good start. Love outside photos. A final consultation is scheduled 2-3 weeks prior to the big day to finalize details. I also attend the wedding rehearsal to make sure everything goes smoothly on the wedding day. I always try to include sunset photos on the wedding day - one of my favorite things!

Ali & Brian's Wedding

Alyea and Michael's Engagement Session

Alyea and Michael's Wedding

Alyea and Michael's Wedding

Andrea & Manuel Wedding

Andy & Ann Marie 50th Wedding Anniversary

Anne & Corey Wedding

Anne & Corey Wedding

Anne and Corey Engagement Session

Anne and Corey Engagement Session

Antonio & Rebekah

Antonio & Rebekah

Ashley & Adam Wedding

Autumn & Charles' Engagement Session

Becky & Gregg's Wedding

Beverly and Brian Wedding

Brian & Mimi Birthday & Vow Renewal

Britny & Michael's Wedding

Brittany & David Engagement Session

Brittany and David Wedding

Capri & Matt's Wedding

Carissa & Michele's Wedding

Chelsea & Michael's Wedding

Chelsea and Michael Engagement

Christina & Kris Engagement Session

Christina and Kris Wedding

Christine & Joe's Wedding

Cia's Bridal Shower

Cia's Bridal Shower

Erika & Scott's Wedding

Gina & Keith's Wedding Day

Gina & Keith's Wedding Rehearsal

Heather and Greg's Wedding

Jack & Annie Engagement Party

Jacqueline Bridal Photo Session

Janean & Damon's Engagement Session

Janean & Damon's Wedding

Jenna and Andrew's Engagement Session

Jenna and Andrew's Wedding

Jennifer & Tom's Engagement Session

Jennifer & Tom's Wedding

Jessica & Thomas John (T.J.) Wedding Day 8/11/18

Jessica and Daniel's Wedding

Judy and Tom's Anniversary

Julie and Will Engagement Session

Julie and Will Wedding

Kaitlyn & Colby Wedding

Katerina & Manoli

Katie & Scott Wedding

Katie & Scott's Engagement Session

Katie and Mario Wedding

Katie and Mario Wedding Rehearsal

Kim & A.J. Wedding

Kim and A.J. Engagement Session

Kristen & Ryan's Engagement

Kristen & Ryan's Wedding

Kristlyn and Adam Engagement Session

Kristyn & Adam's Wedding

Lori and Matt's Engagement

Lori and Matt's Wedding

Maria & Shane Wedding

Maria & Shane's Engagement Session

Marlene & Jon's Wedding

Melissa & Tom's Engagement Session

Melissa & Tom's Wedding

Melissa and Tom Wedding Rehearsal

Nick & Jacqueline's Wedding

Nomiki and George

Noor and Jim Wedding

Paige & Zach Wedding

Pam & John Wedding

Parris & Xavier's Engagement Session

Rachael & Josh's Wedding

Racheal and Josh Engagement Session

Rachel & Andrew's Wedding

Raquel & Johnny's Wedding

Raquel and Johnny Engagement Session

Rebecca and Michael Wedding

Rebecca's Engagement Session

Sara & Michael's Wedding

Savannah & Derek's Wedding

Serafina and Gary Wedding Rehearsal

Serafina and Gary's Wedding

Siya & James' Bridal Shower

Siya & James' Wedding

Stacey and Joe's Wedding

Stephanie and Jason's Wedding

Tiffany and Carl Rehearsal

Tiffany and Carl's Engagement Photos

Tiffany and Carl's WEDDING

Wedding on Valentine Day

Wedding on Valentine Day

Yiota's Wedding Event